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Lightweight Trailer

Lightweight Trailer

There are many different styles of travel trailers available to voyagers in order to enjoy roaming the land. A large number of people are not familiar with lightweight trailers. Factory Direct Marine & RV provides information below about why buying a lightweight trailer is a wise decision.

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As the name suggests, lightweight trailers are constructed out of lighter materials than their considerably heavier counterparts. This distinction can decrease the overall weight by up to thousands of pounds. Furthermore, they are fabricated to be more aerodynamic which eases hauling stress on the towing vehicle. Trucks on the lighter side, SUVs, and sedans are capable of pulling lightweight trailers with the use of specified equipment. The reduction in weight does not affect the inner lodging facilities that heavier travel trailers offer; therefore, you can still enjoy all the features and roominess that make for comfortable accommodations.

The variety you will encounter when in the market for a lightweight trailer is expansive. Once you decide exactly what you are looking for in terms of desired options, size, and monetary considerations, you can narrow down the range of inventory you explore. Lightweight trailers are obtainable in a spectrum that consists from basic sleepers to actual homes. Some models sleep up to four passengers while others can sleep up to 10 travelers.

A wonderful plus of purchasing a lightweight trailer is that you do not have to use an extra powerful pickup truck or large SUV for towing purposes. Your everyday vehicle can effortlessly do the trick when it comes to pulling your trailer. Traveling is a breeze when you have a lightweight trailer in tow. Plus, you have your day-to-day automobile to zoom around in once you unhitch the trailer at your designated site.

Why not stop by and browse our impressive showroom. Factory Direct Marine & RV carries an amazing array of merchandise including travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes with top-of-the-line trademarks such as Keystone, Gulf Stream Coach, Forest River, and Nexus. We are a full-service dealership that expertly handles body repair, transmission, brakes, upholstery, windshield installation and repair, emission concerns, front-end alignments, tow bar installation, wiring, hitch work, and chassis maintenance.

A member of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have. We are located at 1501 Felder Street in Americus, GA and may be contacted by calling (229) 380-0652. It is always our pleasure to assist customers in turning their traveling dreams into realities!

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